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Health & Safety

Norbert – The group leader – he is the co-founder and activity leader! He is an allright kinda of guy, tall dark and charming?? He is the person whom you would speak to about joining us on one of our merry adventures!

I truly dislike the photo above, makes me 10years older!!


Ian is the groups banker, never has any money and always wants a bonus!! Ian has done a great job of ensuring that we never have any money??? He is the best treasurer a group could have, he doesn’t like spending the penny we aint got! You will meet Ian, he takes our coach money. Sandra! She is our additional First Aider, a very experienced world wide hill rover, always has a new adventure to tell of.
 Now Summer has arrived, it is time for your rucksacks to change a few things, extra suntan lotion, clothing, socks, food, first aid kit, waterproofs, boots etc. Each person must be self sufficient. Min size of rucksack is 25l, you must ensure you are equipped for a day on the hills!
 If you have any concerns before, during or after an adventure, Norbert can be approached discreetly at any time. Group Harmony is a priority for all Lisa is our  Competitive Activities Leader & Community Link Person

She is also our Deputy Treasurer and a big fan of watersports!

Other positions are available.. see NG for more information

Health & Safety

This is Very important! – By taking part in any of the groups activities may involve a level of challenge! You agree to undertake the activities and challenges at your own risk. If you have any concerns regarding the next activity, please do speak to the group leader prior to the activity. An assessment is undertaken prior to each activity, however hillwalking and other similar activities do involve an element of risk. Please do get in touch if you have concerns. All walks require boots, suitable clothing, a small first aid kit etc.