Future Activities

Hi Everyone, The group is now 25 years young and it’s the perfect opportunity for a change.   So what will happen, the group ethos will remain the same, some of the pics in the gallery will change! The adventures will most likely get even more exciting!

Yes, the Group name has changed, it’s quirky a new name, some will love it, some will hate it!  Strathclyde Hillwalking & Activity Group will also remain in small print to keep in line with the Group’s paperwork.


Do not miss a great day out, if you do, there will be another adventure soon!

“Ben Nevis Wild Camp & Sunrise Challenge!”   –    June 2018 check back for updates!

What I can tell you is, so far we have a near all female team signed up for this adventure, they will be raising funds for St Andrew’s Hospice and for their own local cause.

Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 June 2018. There a still a couple of places left if you wish to sign up for it.

What do you have to do: You must be willing to join the this Hillwalking & Activity Group  for a few walks before hand in order to get to know the others and try out the equipment you may need.

It is a fantastic opportunity to do something different and 2018 will be the year that the Group adopts the theme of being the ‘Year of Charity’ It is an adventure, it is fun, it is different, it is your own personal challenge!

Registration and training starts in September, This is a Challenge, it can be difficult if you are not prepared for it!

So be prepared to rise to the Challenge, start to train, book the dates that are in the Calendar to be part of you training program!

Sunday 27 May 2018

Are you ready for another adventure! This time it’s local challenge, A 13mile half marathon from Chapelhall to Glasgow, in aid of St Andrew’s Hospice.

Don’t worry, you will have time to recover on the Monday, we will strolling along on a quiet Sunday morning of the Bank Holiday weekend, Sunday 27 May leaving at 9am and we will hopefully complete it at around 2pm.

Saturday 3 & Sunday 4 Feb 2018 (if we get a deal, it will be two nights)

The Social weekend Away Trip!  All current members welcome!  So if you are planning on doing the Ben Nevis Challenge, it would be advisable that you come along as well as having a social night, we will be having a couple of walks,

As part of my own  personal challenges, I am nearing the end of completing the John Muir Way & The Lancashire & Cumbria Coastal Way and from July 2018, I’m hoping to complete a number of Hills, Mountains, Long Distance Paths to make up 8868m (88 68m – 68 is my birth year) 8848m is Mount Everest!  ‘It’s who walk with that makes the difference’ is what I have always advocated, so I hope you can join me on the adventures that await us all!  Thanks Norbert