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Ahoy there me Hearties!

It was the Group's third attempt at getting to Ailsa Craig on the MFV Glorious, and we nearly didn't make it, as the south westerly certainly reaped a wild wind, well a few knots on our port side! The Merchant Fishing Vessel Glorious bobbed about in as though it was in a washing machine (low temp quick 1hr40min wash).

Lucky life of Pi Linda lobbied for the loose fitting life preserver and commandeered a cabin at the stern of the cruiser! There she bobbed but never bubbled, as the cruiser buckled under the weight of water that dripped from a faulty shower tap!

The rest of the crew mates ducked and dived as the waves went higher and Alison's hood went down down down!

Ian sat without his hoodie and outwith the huddle, to get the highest hypothermia reading of the day, as he favored not to follow the findings of his fellow goretex feathered friends! He did survive longer than Robinson Crusoe though!

We got beyond the Poseidon Adventure, to reach the calm of the blue lagoon and the lengthy promenade, we reached land like the Swiss Family Robinson! Fully kitted we headed inland to scale the heights of Ailsa Craig!

The Sea Gypsies became the Ramblin Midgies as it was Onwards and Upwards and led by the Honorable & Admirable Crichton who cleaned up after his fellow passenger became a little light headed due to the motion of the cruise liner!!

The Castle was stormed easily enough to claim the worldly views of mainland Scotia, views that reached beyond the horizon and our wildest dreams, ok the views were brilliant, fantastic, wonderful, I should stop!!!

Beyond the castle, the Midgies went on, the path got steeper,the weather got warmer, the seagulls screeched, Val nearly reached or the Valium as she kept falling on the ferns as she thought left or was it right, we will never know!!!

Best Walk

It was all aboard Inverkip based  Seatrek's "Island Fox Cruiser & fastrib" for a trip down the 'Watter'

It was all part of a 'mystery day out' which started high above Greenock / Gourock and set the scene for the rest of the day. The group were treated to a rising submarine and an armada of boats and ships steaming up and down the Clyde!

The trek got off to a great start in that we reached the trig point after about 10mins of climbing! The summit offered 360 degree views, Dunoon to the west, Greenock Cut behind, Largs to the South and Kilcraggen to the north east.

Anyway, the surprise was yet to come, after the views from the top, we headed westwards, ( I am laughing now) having been on most of this trek before, I did go as far as 100m from the cottage which would take us to the road. This day we did march on to about 30m of the cottage, then the adventure really began, we couldn't reach the cottage, the undergrowth was like the Amazon, impenetrable, with thick thornly twigs, under a closing carnivorous canopy!

Scouts were sent out and reported dead ends ahead!  By now, we were nearing the end, were we doomed, for it was lunchtime,  and no one was for missing lunch!

Drastic measures were called for, a human sacrifice was needed, volunteers were needed or pressed ganged!

After excluding willing candidates due to a variety of medical conditions, some new, even (Dr G Gibson) our recently qualified RGN was puzzled to the ailments produced by everyone, by then, I was only one pronounced fit, for this hazardous expedition into the unknown (15m) to chart a route into the Amazon, (it was to the garden).  I gathered my thoughts and headed into the unknown, (I could see it, 10m to go), I scaled the heights,(pushed back the shrubbery) and went for it!  5mins later, a route was charted and we pushed on, abseiled down into the garden, traversed the trampled trees, fought the fallen fodder to eventually reach the road.

After a well deserved break on the beach, we headed for Inverkip and the marina. Our charter awaited and if you look at the photographs, you can follow our trip up the Clyde with a paddle!

I was asked to keep the above story because it was a great day out!

We are going to be updating this page as we have had a good few adventures recently,

“The Rough & Tough Hillwalking Socialite Activiteers!”
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